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How Media Pitching Has Changed with the Pandemic

Photo by Jeremy Enns from Pexels

In an episode of the Public Relations Review Podcast, Cristal and I spoke with host Peter Woolfork about the changes we’ve experienced in the industry during the pandemic and how we’ve had to adapt our approach. 

The invitation to appear on the podcast came after we wrote this piece for CommPro, which examined shifts we noticed in the best times to pitch reporters. We spoke about this in more detail on the show and discussed other issues impacting higher ed media relations—including some of the media opportunities still available for colleges and universities at a time when newsrooms are nearly exclusively focused on the pandemic, politics and racial justice issues. 

If you listen to the episode, we’d love to know your thoughts and hear more about what’s worked and what hasn’t for you in the past year. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or social media.