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Week in Review

We were very saddened yesterday by the news of yet another mass shooting, this time at Umpqua Community College, and all of us at TVP Communications would like to extend our deepest sympathies and support to the school and the Roseburg community. We as a nation need to take a good, hard look at what’s going on to make horrific tragedies like this almost commonplace now. We need to be kinder and more accepting of one another, choose love over hate, and ultimately, we need to do better. We need to be better.
You’re in our hearts and thoughts, UCC and Roseburg.
What’s new this week:
Drake University professor Anthony Gaugin responded to House Speaker Boehner’s resignation in a piece for The Conversation.
In another article for The Conversation, which then made it to Fortune, Farmer School of Business professor W. Rocky Newman weighed in on the Volkswagen scandal’s potential effects on the auto industry.
The fall edition of NASPA’s Leadership Exchange featured three clients! An article titled “First in the Family: Leaders Shaped by First-Generation Experiences” included thoughts from Cathy Sandeen, chancellor of University of Wisconsin Colleges and Extension, and Carolyn Stefanco, president of the College of Saint Rose. President Karen Haynes of California State University San Marcos also had a feature, “Strategies for Student Success.”
Cal State San Marcos also made the ACE Higher Ed Today blog with a post on its new center to help Latinos overcome academic obstacles.
What we’ve been talking about:
Congratulations to Principal Teresa Valerio Parrot on being profiled by the Bulldog Reporter!
Kyle Gunnels’ promotion to assistant vice president was highlighted in Businesswire.
If faculty are asking “what’s in it for me” regarding media relations, Erin Hennessy has some advice for you on how to answer their toughest question.
Ali Lincoln recapped two exciting announcements from the last month—positive changes to the FAFSA and major college application shifts.
What we’ve been reading:
Kristine Maloney
This story about how introverts learn best and the impact of increased emphasis on group work, and “active learning environments,” struck a chord with me. As an introvert, I appreciate the benefits of working with others, but to do so all the time can be mentally and physically exhausting for those of us who prefer to process information quietly. While this article is about schools, the same principles apply to the work world.
Ali Lincoln
It’s the end of an era for the Perkins loan. The oldest federal aid program definitely helped me out when I was in college (and I’m happy to say that I finished paying it back earlier this year, woo hoo) and made a big difference for a lot of my former students. It’ll be interesting to watch the conversations unfold about federal student loan programs in the months and year to come.
I love to visit cities and soak in all they have to offer, but I am definitely not a city person. The mere thought of major city living makes me feel anxious and a little crowded in—so many people, so little personal space. Still, this New Yorker article on cities fascinated even the country mouse in me.
Erin Hennessy
My colleagues will tell you that I am most definitely NOT a football fan (except when it comes to the Dillon Panthers and the East Dillon Lions). But I’m a sucker for good storytelling and underdogs. The Season, a new podcast from WNYC, follows the Columbia University football team, which hasn’t had a win in two years. I love this description of the series: “Winning, losing, and what it takes to change the score. This isn’t just a story about football. It’s about what it takes to turn around something that’s been stuck for ages.”
I’m headed home to New Jersey this weekend so I’ll be Instagramming lots of pictures of my nephew. Want to find the most Instagrammed location in your state? Click on this map. Spoiler alert: Odds are it’s a state or national park, or a sports arena.
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