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Celebrating TVP Comms’ 11th Anniversary

Fireworks explode in rainbow colors in a dusk-filled sky. The fireworks have been set off, and reflect off of, a body of water.

Here’s to great people, the best partners and a bright future

It’s mind blowing to think it has been 11 years since the founding of TVP Communications. For this year’s anniversary post I decided to write a list of highlights. This very quickly became a list of our team members because they are the keys to our successes. We’ve added two new colleagues this year, Hannah and DJ, to a team that gelled and thrived before the pandemic and is even stronger now. I am so thankful for KristineErinAliCristalKylieHannah and DJ (in order of hiring) for their contributions to the agency and to our campuses. And I want to give a special shout out to Erin, with whom I work closely on projects that are both behind-the-scenes and client-facing. I am thankful for her leadership and always impressed by her intelligence and wit.

I’m pleased to say we have some exciting updates and offerings on the horizon at TVP Communications. The coming year is gearing up to include a launch of something special. We are also updating how we describe our services to better reflect the work we do and the outcomes we generate. The impact of TVP Communications has grown beyond public relations and communications for our clients, and we are proud to own this evolution while still providing the core services for which we are known. Much of our counsel here at TVP Communications is shared at the intersection of leadership and communications and our influence on this front— especially with presidents and senior leaders— continues to grow.

And finally, I want to close my celebratory post by saying thank you. I will never take for granted the privilege of working with such amazing clients. And every day I am in awe that TVP Communications is allowed to be in the room as institutions grapple with their biggest challenges and celebrate their greatest successes. It is an honor to be a part of our vibrant community and I am thankful for a career, and 11 years with TVP Communications, focused on sharing my love for higher education.